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You have come to this site because you feel things could or should be different. Many issues lie beyond the personal, in the system to which the individual belongs, and unless you get support at seeing those things, you will be unlikely to get the help needed. We live in a world full of pressure and stress, I have a range of tools that will help you make sense of the things you want to shift gear with. You stay in charge!

It may be self-esteem, or smoking, or just generally some nagging doubts about the world you live in.

These things can lead to depression and to the start of a downward spiral. Mostly two or three sessions are enough "Two weeks after visiting Rafe for a second time, I just didn't feel like smoking anymore - that was three years ago!"

Dynamic workshop {click here} about what and where emotions; money and ancestral stuff fit into your world. We can enable it to work better for you! Next workshop is on Sunday 26 November 2017 at 3 Mayfield Road, DERBY, DE21 6FX

Call me - Rafe - (01332 232756 or 07889 523164) to book an appointment.

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