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Guiding Principles:

  1. Ancestry – where did you come from? What are you carrying that simply belongs to someone else, and in the past?
  2. Spirituality – what drives you to better things in life?
  3. Perspicacity – how far can you see?

Ancient Voices

  • A way of hearing the voices of your ancestors as you carry them around.
  • A way of learning to be loyal to all the good stuff, and disloyal to all the bad stuff.
  • A way of clearing out that which no longer serves you.
  • A way of moving on with your life.
  • A way of dealing with historic trauma (click here for proof of trauma links between generations)
I run – Workshops and I do skype-constellations and I do one to one sessions.
At a workshop, expect to dump all the stuff that hinders you from being exactly who you can be!
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