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  • Chapter 1 – What is a constellation?

    Why is that important in a book about constellations? Well it reveals the journey that leads us to do this work in the first place, and in my case, and in so many others, it reveals an example of the different road taken after undertaking this work.

    So, what is a constellation (apart from a group of stars) – well fundamentally, it’s a living map that reveals the hidden dynamics of any system. A system is any group defined by the relationship they have to each other – family, workgroup, board of directors and so on. In this book, I am concentrating on family systems, but the rules even apply to any grouping of people or things that might be regarded as a system – even down to a chronic illness – that will be discussed in a later chapter, but by way of example someone has a painful broken leg. Clearly the problem is in the leg, or perhaps they are even more precise and say their knee is the issue, but their lack of mobility will have a profound effect on what they are able to do. They might have suffered some severe trauma getting the damaged knee, so could have nightmares, quite apart from the normal sleep deprivation from pain.

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