Thanks Rafe!

I am still reeling from the work we did… life has changed so profoundly!

I was telling my dear wise old male friend who is in his 70’s and who has known me for many years and been a dad figure to me, I was telling him all about it.

He said it was like my life was an upside down jigsaw puzzle and I had put the pieces in like a guess work….as best as I could but it never was right and it never seemed to fit.

You came along and turned it the right way and then helped me put the pieces in the right place.  And now I can see it all clearly all the other pieces are fitting properly and I fit properly and my new love relationship with the woman I told you about it flourishing in such a healthy way because I feel whole and am not desperately clinging to things over here and there and fearing losing. It’s all gone.

I feel like those people I have envied over the years who have the love of those that created them.  We made that happen.  You took me back to my conception which had always been a mystery and now I know that point everything else fits!

Thank you …’s been the most profound thing I have ever done and I’ve spent a lifetime doing everything to try and come into wholeness.

So more feedback that I am happy for you to use xx

It’s all wonderful,

Have a gorgeous day

Lots of love,

Nicky xxx

Still reeling

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