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Family Constellation Workshop

January 23rd 2022

The Family Constellations session was unlike anything I had previously done and I have attended a lot of workshops over the years. The purpose of the session, in my opinion, was to enable rapid healing of historic trauma through minimal intervention by the participant. As opposed to talking therapy, the participant does not need to replay the details of the old narrative to find some resolution. Instead, the participant observes the interactions between the family resonators and watches how they each interact with one another. This enables the participant to see it from each family member’s perspective, allowing a greater degree of objectivity, compassion and understanding. On a personal level, I was able to find some peace in my relationship with my estranged brother, just by observing the situation from his perspective and seeing the world through his eyes. When the resonator in place off my brother placed her hands on my shoulders, I genuinely felt on some level we had found peace. It was quite extraordinary. Rafe and Janey created a very safe space and their facilitation was excellent”. (attendee at the last one!)

My Story

I came to constellations because as a child ( a “naughty” one) I was blamed for things that i didn’t do, but if I complained, I was lying! (not the first to experience THAT one) so I learned to just rollover and take the blame.

Then in 2002 my wife Maia was diagnosed with cancer – I was NOT going to be responsible for that! So i finally sought help. Isaac Pizer saw me twice and could see that the issue belonged elsewhere in the system – not with me, so he sent me down to a constellation workshop in London, and the rest is history!

Constellation Workshop

17th July in Kings Langley

Understand & Heal Relationship Dynamics

Many of us have experienced ‘adverse child experiences’ and these of course can have a negative effect on health and wellbeing in adulthood. Our current life becomes entangled with past buried trauma leading to depression, unhappiness, relationship challenges, self-sabotage and bad choices.

To read more, click here: Family Constellations – The Sober Club

Spanish Retreat

In September, we are going deep! In a beautiful villa near Malaga in Spain we will have time to explore our history, our soul and all the events that brought us here.

Good Food Relaxation and good company for a start

1-2-1 sessions using Matrix and Constellations to find out the hidden dynamics of our lives and why repeated patterns are so common

we will be doing some Shamanic Journey work and meditation

The Purpose? – so that you return with a new set of tools to engage in this amazing world with some new friends – the main one being yourself.

Money Mindset

We all have them – Money Mindsets – you know, always poor, never enough, money is the root of all evil etc etc, but where does it come from, and what can you do about it? Well, for the last year or so Jenny Jarvis Coaching and I have collaborated on a project to help people shift – IN ONE SESSION. The success rate has been amazing – take a look at

Testimonials like this!

Rafe, heartfelt thanks. What a profound experience to witness the power of your work and the energy created within the fields. I have spent my day warmed by the thoughts and feelings I now hold for my dad, and there is no resentment or anger. It is truly gone. Some part of me needs to analyse the process too much, figure out the ‘secret formula’ to all this so that it makes complete logical sense to me. Another, greater, part is settling in to the beauty of how I feel today and hopefully all the days ahead, not needing to be able to decipher the exact science behind this shift. Maybe my subconscious was able to reprogram and put the jigsaw together differently, so to speak, as a result of seeing the visual representation of my family constellation and hearing the words from the resonators. I’m incredibly grateful. Pleasure to meet you and be a part of something so meaningful and compassion-centred.

Adverse Childhood Experiences

If you have an ACEs score of over 4 there are things you can do! Constellations will show you where things belong, EFT will reduce the anxiety and pain and Matrix will enable a shift in perspective. When 4 people see a car crash, the police often get 4 entirely different reports. Shifting the angle can relieve the pressure.

Early Trauma

Early trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences and historic stuff can affect us just as readily as new things. Rafe has tools to enable the evaluation and repair of the damage, and you will be left with a new and easier perspective on what may have happened in the past.

Family Constellations enables a good easy look at the system dynamics and helps you to see where things belong.

EFT / Matrix helps you to reframe old stuff in a way that supports the earlier version of yourself.